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Hero with Crime Stoppers' Logo

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Eau Claire County law enforcement agencies rely on residents and businesses to solve crimes, recover property, and remove drugs.
Help us keep Eau Claire County safe.

Cash Rewards for Confidential Tips

Our website is a safe place for you to provide anonymous information about crime and fugitives. We deliver your information to the proper authorities to investigate without revealing your identity. If the information you provided leads to a felony arrest, you may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

Do you have information that might help law enforcement?

Don't worry about knowing all the details. Provide as much complete and accurate information as you can. The detail you provide might be the one needed to make the arrest, find a stolen item, locate a suspect, protect a child, or keep drugs off the streets.

Provide any details you think might be useful in solving or preventing a crime, such as:

  • Description of the crime or incident
  • Where items from the crime might be located or where the suspect might be found
  • Names or descriptions of other individuals who may be involved
  • Make, model, license plate, or color of a vehicle that may be involved
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Anonymity Guaranteed

Report your tip without fear of retribution. Our reporting system is 100% anonymous. Your safety is our priority.


No Caller ID
No Recordings

Call 715-874-8477


Save your tip number and password to check the status of your tip.

Submit a Tip Online
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How It Works

When you call or message Crime Stoppers, a confidential code is generated in order to protect your identity. Make sure to keep your tip number and password to check the status of your tip.

If your tip results in an arrest with criminal charges or the apprehension of a fugitive, you will receive a cash reward. Once the arrest or apprehension is confirmed, arrangements will be made for you to collect your award anonymously.

The Impact

Since the start of Crime Stoppers, many calls have been received resulting in thousands of arrests and recovery of substantial amounts of property. Calls have included information about murder, robbery, rape, assault, drug, and firearm offenses. Crime Stoppers also brings a greater awareness in the community about the crime problem. It fosters a willingness in the community to fight back against crime because it offers an easy, anonymous way to submit information to the police.

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Sex Offenders

If you know or suspect a child is
being abused, please report it to:

Department of Human Services
Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm
(715) 839-7118

Police Department
Evenings after 4:30pm,
weekends, and holidays
(715) 839-4972

Find sex offenders near you

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