How are tips kept anonymous?
When you report a crime by telephone, your call is taken by out-of-state trained Crime Stoppers professionals. After submitting your tip, you will be given a tip number.  The call is not tracked or traced.  Your tip will be passed on to local law enforcement and you will not be identified in any way.  If a crime is solved or useful information is obtained after the tip is passed on, a cash reward is authorized by the Crime Stoppers Board.  The tipster is identified by the anonymous tip number given when the tip call was placed.  The tipster is paid out in cash at a third party location such as a bank or attorney’s office.

How do I submit a tip?
You will be able to submit a tip via phone, on the website, or by text.  Please check back soon for details. 

How are rewards determined?
The Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors is in charge of dispensing all rewards.  Rewards will be determined based on type of crime, accuracy of information, value of property recovered, and whether or not an arrest was made. After making the tip, the tipster will be told to call back at a certain time with an identifying code number to see if a reward has been authorized.

Where does the money for rewards come from?
Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All of our efforts, including rewards, are funded through the generous contributions of private individuals and corporate donors.  We thank you for your support!

Can I donate?
Yes!  Please visit our Donate page for information about donating to Eau Claire County Crime Stoppers.